Inferno & Turkiye-Israel-US Trio (I)

In the Middle East, at this moment, there is an inferno & Turkiye-Israel-US trio is trying to do something about it. However, they are doing it in the midst of a deadly chess match that also began simultaneously on 7 October.

All three members of this “trio” are part of the game. However, there is another equally pertinent point to make before going further. Is this inferno a part of this chess match or is the chess match the result of the inferno?

Both answers are true, depending who wants to know the harsh details.


Inferno means Hell in Italian.

It is the first part of Italian writer Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy, as the non-trustable Globalist search engines explain.

In the poem, Hell is depicted as nine concentric circles of torment located within the Earth; it is the 

“realm … of those who have rejected spiritual values by yielding to bestial appetites or violence, or by perverting their human intellect to fraud or malice against their fellowmen”.

Dante Alighieri’s journey through Hell explains, to a certain extent, what took place on 7 October in Israel. However, it is also a good reference point to look back and see what is in the future.

Inferno & Turkiye-Israel-US Trio

So there has been an inferno since 7 October in the Levant!What exactly, Turkiye, Israel and the US are doing about it, then? On one hand, they seem to be acting in unanimity, lately. Are they, really? On the other hand, it is no secret to anyone that they each have varying agendas.

For one thing, their priorities are also different. Is Israel preparing for a ground offensive? Is the US playing “big brother” and treating this just as another “theater”? Finally, what are the intentions of Turkiye: Good, bad or unclear?


10 days after the inferno began, Turkiye took a front and center role in this inferno. It focused on diplomatic and strategic moves. Saving hostages and innocent civilians became priorities.

To do so, Turkiye disregarded the “noise” that is coming from the entire Western society. In fact, Turkiye went further. It loudly criticized the one sided Judeo-Christian cry as insincere, insensitive, and blinded.

The Turkish reaction against the West was reflective. The West behaved much like the divided America has been in the recent past. The herd mentality had taken over the entire civilization.

Irrespective, Turkiye called for de-escalation and then justice. On 16 October, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan talked to the Hamas leader on the phone. That is when Turkiye took over the ropes in hostage negotiations from helpless Israel and the US.


Israel switched focus on 16 October. Finally, it was time to recognize the rising power of Turkiye one more time in the region. Emotions aside, at least there was a plan of action. What could have been better than to save the lives of hostages first?

Israel also recognized, in this realm, the mode the US was in. It was there, doing the “pep-talk”. Yes, sending a flattop or two to the region was to boost moral in Israel, yet how were they to resolve the problems, exactly? The picture was bleak.

The German chancellor lying flat on the tarmac was epic. For the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken running to the bunkers was reflective. If sirens were enough for them to go hiding, who was going to help Israelis then?

Surely, this pitiful picture must have awakened some Israelis. At least, I would hope so. Wasn’t Israel that stood tall during adversities all along all the time? There is no denying without the US, Israel could not have declared independence. However!

The US

Joe Biden’s visit, for example, was meaningful but the frail US president was also reflecting the decaying power of the US. His words were soothing yet, they also sounded like someone was in deep sleep, and talking.

President Joe Biden visited the war zone to consult and consol, but also to posture and to propagate. He was there for a double purpose, unfortunately. He was there to support for sure but also to save his own skin at home.

When a hospital in the Gaza Strip was hit, his statement was evidentiary. It was readily available, as if it was written, long before the malice took place. However, there was also no doubt how his handlers were going to handle his statement.

He had long become a “deniable-president”. It was a modus-operandi for everyone in the world that was familiar with. His speeches were made to be denied or corrected or adjusted or ignored. He was as irrelevant as the US has been becoming.

Inferno & Turkiye-Israel-US Trio

Pluses & Minuses

Turkiye, Israel and the US have stakes in this deadly game that began on 7 October. They are the main players. They have to act promptly or the international system will punish them.

The only difference among these trio is the fact that Turkiye is playing a credible and effective game. Israel is standing tall and looks ready to play its role like it has been known to play since 1948.

On that note, here is why and how Turkiye and Israel will play their role and achieve results together.

The US, on the other hand, is there a plan?

If so what could that be?

Not the 2.5 mess, God forbid!


Turkiye is revered in the Muslim ummah as a spiritual leader. As a result, it is natural that it took the lead as soon as this inferno engulfed.

Turkiye did it first with official statements, followed by action. Turkish officials, after consulting with Egypt and Lebanon, sent aid to the Gaza Strip.

On 16 October, Turkiye took the ropes in negotiations as well, as the only viable interlocutor valabe for Israel and the Palestinians.


Outraged Israel wished to invade Gaza Strip immediately. It was a natural instinct. However, reality check also sinked in as time moved on.

It is easy to talk about sacrificing hostages. However, there is nothing heroic about vengeance, especiall when it comes at the expense of innocent hostages.

That is why, when Hakan Fidan talked to the Hamas leader on 16 October, some welcomed it with sanity and hope. They understood what must be done.

The US

We must be fair when we judge the US. It is a decaying military superpower that cannot use most of its assets. One reason, they are not suitable.

Flattops are relics of the 20th century. They are no longer the sole means to control open waters. Advances in electronic warfare is the biggest threat.

Two, the US is no longer the economic superpower. It simply does not have the resources to sustain one war, never mind 2.5.

If it does, the US can easily, to my mind surely, will lose its “default status” of the sole military superpower in the world.

Inferno & Turkiye-Israel-US Trio

About The Chess Game

You have to wait for the next edition under this topic for the “chess match” details.

For that, look for “Inferno & Turkiye-Israel-US Trio II, III, IV!