Until Brit Met Nusret

Ghandi Though God's Brit

Mahatma Gandhi thought God’s Brit until 1915. That is until Brit met Nusret. No, it has nothing to do with the fashionable “Nusr-Et,” serving prime meat in a Knightsbridge, London restaurant. Gandhi, reportedly, made this statement not until Turks beat Brits during WWI. That is when four of the mightiest warships of Brits were sunk by a single Turkish warship in Dardanelles.

God was Brit in the nineteenth century, in a sense. Like the US, which replaced it in the twentieth century, became the new King. They both did it with their navy. In the twenty-first century, there may be a new ruler of the seas. Yet, nothing is foreseeable for the moment, unless the US adjusts itself to the current times, and with sanity.

It is a fact that the West has been decaying ever since Globalist came reigning in the early 1990s. As a result, rapidly rising eastern powers, ever since, Türkiye included, project to become global military powers. For that, they need another decade to reach economic parity with the Western powers. Meanwhile, they build their navies to get ready to demonstrate their will like Brits and Americans did once.

Gandhi Thought God’s Brit

Mahatma Gandhi was right thinking God’s Brit. He was 46 years old when he for the first time heard that the British navy was defeated. Although, the Indian rebellion of 1857 had already defeated the Brits on the ground ten year before his birth. Nevertheless, British Raj continued to appear to him like God until one fateful defeat in Turkish hands at sea.

Resilient Globalists are now like British Raj was then. Since 2020, they are playing to their bubble with bravado. On that path, they falsely portrayed themselves to the Ukrainians as if they still had it. Next, they are doing it to the Swedes. After that, they may even be able to do it to the Greeks. Will it take another naval calamity to divulge their fallacy?

Dardanelles Did It For Gandhi

Apparently, no land war or defeat impressed Gandhi until the sinking of four destroyers in the Dardanelles. Turks proved the British fallacy to the world in Çanakkale in 1915 with ease. On that note, it is good to remember how Japan tried to announce its arrival in WWII, but failed. Also, how the Midway Battle determined who is to rule high seas in the twentieth century.

Battle of Preveza Did It Before

The Battle of Preveza was a naval battle that took place on 28 September 1538 in Ionian Sea. It was between an Ottoman fleet and that of a Holy League assembled by Pope Paul III. It occurred in the same area as the Battle of Actium, 31 BC.

It was one of the three largest sea battles that took place in the sixteenth century Mediterranean, along with the Battle of Djerba and the Battle of Lepanto. In this battle, the Ottomans defeated the Europeans. Much like in the Dardanelles, it was a milestone.

That is how the Mediterranean Sea became a Turkish lake. That is how another fallacy went down the drain in Christian Europe then.  

Mavi Vatan Doing It Nowadays

Mavi Vatan means the “Blue Homeland”.  Currently it is a naval doctrine for Türkiye. It signifies the sovereignty of Türkiye in the surrounding seas as per current international regimes in place. Half of eastern Mediterranean Sea, half of Aegean or “Islands Sea” under this doctrine fall into exclusive Turkish domain.

Nothing is contentious as far as Mavi Vatan is concerned in the Black Sea. Türkiye has the lion share there as well. In the Islands Sea or Aegean, based on current international sea regimes, Türkiye can even claim twelve main islands as its own. A caveat already exists for that. It only takes a naval battle to ignite yet another calamity.

Gandhi Thought God’s Brit Then 

It took a naval battle for Gandhi to learn the truth about God. Next naval battle may also remind where God lies in this war between believers and nonbelievers of today. Considering the West is in the control of Globalists which preach the will of logic over God, there are points to make.

Never Lost on God

Turks have never lost on God for the past thousand years. In fact, they lived by God and still do. There has been no Godless regime in the modern Republic of Türkiye. Today is no different. A quick look at past naval victories also would indicate, they were God’s Willing, except one.

Turks have done it long before the Ottomans did it during the Battle of Preveza against the Europeans. Barbarossa, the admiral who did it to the Europeans was a pious man. Yet, there is another naval victory, Turks attribute to their forebears. Hittites have won the first ever naval victory against Alayshia around 1200 BC. Some trace the roots of Turks to Hittites. By then, there was no Islamic religion on Planet Earth!

Never Lost on Realities

Historically speaking, Turks never lost reality. They became vicious warriors because they were the first to jump on the back of horses. They also came up with the idea of saddling the horses. That is how they became double vicious warriors because they were able to use deadly bow and arrow, standing up on a full-throttled horseback.

Today with Mavi Vatan doctrine, Turks do not need to prove their history right. Like they did with horses, bows, and arrows two thousand years ago against the Chinese, now they are with everything and everywhere. The modern Turkish navy is a byproduct of Turkish ingenuity. They build their own warships, submarines and flattops included as well as radars, missiles, and the rest.

Turks never lost reality in the context that either the West or the rising powers of the East would be totally dependable allies. Especially since the turn of the Millennia, they began building everything indigenously. Now, they are about eighty percent self-sufficient and rapidly growing. All the while, they continue to live by God and against the zeal of Globalist evil.

Gandhi Would Have Understood

If He Lived Now

Those days of hegemonic Western dominance are effectively over. In the New World Order, clusters of states around a center state have begun to form. Türkiye is one of them much like China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, S. Africa would be suitable elsewhere around the world.

As a result, could there be numerous new fallacies coming to life like Gandhi thought Brit’s God? Meanwhile, the Brits are in the business of reinventing themselves, reminiscing about the nineteenth century. All the while, the United States is missing the opportunity by not recuperating in the hands of Globalists.

Gandhi would have understood the mess we are in nowadays if he lived. With industrial revolution 5.0 well underway, he would have easily noticed the combination of drone power with electronic warfare. Turks displayed them so far in Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ethiopia, and now in Ukraine for the world to witness.

The question is now what would it take for Globalists to understand it? Better question, what would it take to those who believe in Globalists, that they are God, to understand it like Gandhi would have, that they are not?