Forget Cold War Relics

Forget Cold War Relics because they are a dying breed. Their attempt to metamorphose during the Trump Administration failed. Nevertheless, they caused another blow to the American leadership in the world. As a result, America will need to rely more on Türkiye and the rest of the Turks and Muslim Ummah in the company. The resurgence of these “relics” and their followers under the veil of Globalism will not be successful either. The likes of Russia and China have long switched to Nationalism when America led Western Europe fell a sleep since the turn of the Millennia.

Forget Cold War:

Russia and China No More

Cold War practically ended when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) disintegrated in 1991. Ronald Reagan did it. Ever since the Russian Federation replaced the USSR. What was 22.4 million km2 suddenly became 17.1 million km2? In the aftermath, it was still the “Russian Bear” but not as grisly anymore.

Russia in the 21st century will not be the Soviet Union of the 20th century. During the Cold War, there were two superpowers, the Grand Old USA and the USSR. The world was divided into two blocks. Each side had allies. The USA with NATO and the USSR with Warsaw Pact were the bulwarks.

China was not a player in those days because it was a very poor and developing country. One billion Chinese did not have much purchasing power. The Alliance of China with the USSR seemed to be a nightmare for the West but now it is clear that it was cosmetic fear mongering all throughout. Already well established balance of power between two polls led by America and the Soviets was strong.

Forget Cold War Relics in Globalist Mask

Fast-forward, since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Globalism came out of nowhere. In fact, it was a ploy by the Russians that lost the Cold War against America in the company of China. Already much disgruntled, Europeans also joined them no sooner. At the final stage, all together, they made sure the unsuspecting and brainwashed half of America also jump on this band wagon.

Twenty four years later, what has transpired in the world is clear to everyone. The West continuously decayed while the East witnessed rapid growth. Under the Globalist mask, the world conspired against America until there was no more an American hegemony.

Meanwhile, “Cold War relics” came home when Donald Trump was elected the next president.  Having recently failed overseas, they believed they can right the ship by winning against the Trump Administration. Only they did not expect this patriot president to fight against them to the bitter end.

Relics in Despair

With the 45th President Donald J. Trump in power, America had no choice but to pull all stops. Trump had to play a sophisticated game in the international arena. He knew very well that he had to perform two high wire acts. One, he had to establish a balance of power between the European Union, the Russian Federation, and the Modern Republic of Turkey. Two, he had to establish another balance of power between the Persians, Arabs, and Turks in the Middle East. Otherwise, it was clear to him. There was no other alternative to stop the rapidly rising powers from the East like China and India. The supremacy of America was in danger.

That is why relics in despair in America went after the 45th president with vengeance and “Russia Collusion.”  The only thing that these relics never understood was that while they were fighting under Globalist mask, China and Germany were heading the other direction. They had long switched strategies and began pushing for Nationalist goals, like Trump was doing. Unfortunately for America, these relics were in no shape to understand what kind of game that was in play across the globe. America was already alone and weakened and no one needed these American relics anymore.They were discarded but unfortunately they did not even had the capacity to understand that.

The New World Order

The New World Order is upon Planet Earth. Rising eastern powers are long on the mend to take their rightful place. America, on the other hand, is still in oblivion. It never understood what is a miss. The election of the Biden Administration reflects it. Unfortunately, Cold War Relics and the rest of brainwashed America so far can not see this reality.

Yet, there is hope. The 2022 mid-term elections may reverse the course from this ill fated destiny. If not, the second and perhaps the final chance is in the 2024 presidential elections. Hopefully by then, America can forget Cold War relics and the likes, and joined the new world order properly with a clean slate.