Evil from Wash-DC in-Play

Spending four years in Wash-DC, as a delegate for Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the US, teaches a lot. Meeting a lot of wanna be bureaucrats is eye opening, but regularly mingling with those who made it is priceless. Along with those that made it into the bureaucratic cadre previously, they pack a mixed bunch. Such a frivolous mix that they are the reason for a common saying in Wash-DC.: “If you want a friend, get a dog!” That in itself should explain, if evil from Wash-DC in-play is the life in itself in Wash DC or not.

As a result, purchasing about two dozen knives as a gift for friends and colleagues there made a great sense. They came with their names carved on them. Surely, our close circle, consisting of double faced friend and foe found them very insightful. After all, back-stabbing has long been a commonly occurring phenomena there. At this stage, all this may sound toxic, derogatory, demeaning or un-American to some. Some others may find the sarcasm in it. Yet, others will also look at it as a practical value. No matter what, one fact remains the same.

During the filming of a television show in Wash-DC., a colleague said loudly and proudly: “We are the evil minds!” He meant it. More importantly, he knew, everyone got the point. After all, as an evil mind, he was ready to talk against Turkiye on that show. In other words, he was right to the point. There was no need to hide the intention because most everyone was on the same page. If Turkiye was at the crosshair today, it was something else tomorrow. It was a way of life in American politics anytime, nothing less nothing more.

Evil From Wash-DC In-Play

So if you are in the right mix, it is easy to locate where the evil minds would be in Wash DC. However, they are not limited to the political arena. Having lived in the Globalist reigned liberal states like New York and California, it is easy to attest. Evil minds and evil have long and equally infested Wall Street in the Big Apple and Hollywood in California.

For the purpose of this posting, evil from Wash-DC in-play here refers to what took place against elite navy cadres two decades ago and is now taking place against the 2nd Army in Türkiye. Evil have put them in the crosshair, taking advantage of a devastating earthquake. No one, at this stage, is dismissing if evil also triggered the both very timely earthquakes either.

Against Elite Navy Cadres in 1999

There was an evil in-play long before and after the 1999 earthquake in Turkiye. After a decade from the 1999 earthquake, evil in-play decimated the Turkish navy cadres. Innocent and unsuspecting rank and file from admirals down were imprisoned under false pretexts. So, it is normal to assume that under the circumstances that there would be an evil in-play in the aftermath of the 2023 earthquake as well.

Against the 2nd Army IN 2023

In fact, while the sorrow was still fresh, there were widespread reports that there had already been an attempt to quickly disintegrate the 2nd Army in Turkiye. This army has always been a bulwark against Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. The ploy aimed to entice the Turkish Armed Forces to send these troops to help earthquake victims. The goal was to disperse troops and to keep them occupied with recovery.

The sinister plan was to ensure that chaos would lead to an uprising. The vacuum left behind by the 2nd Army was going to be filled with help from the NATO “allies”.  Was it the reason why suddenly an armada of war ships arrived at the periphery of “Mavi Vatan” when Turkiye was asking for international help during the early moments of the earthquake?

To bring the story home just to make a point on the “evil in-play”, Turkiye did not allow the US and French aircraft carriers to enter its waters. The country said: “Thanks but no thanks.” The “friendly” armada returned back. Turkiye kept its 2nd Army where it belongs. There was no chaos or uprising. AFAD, the Turkish civilian agency for this purpose took care of business with “civilian earthquake help” from all other countries.

Evil From Wash-DC In-Play

Comes With Earthquake

There are widespread reports how the evil from Wash-DC in-play came to Turkiye with the 1999 earthquake. Now, there is for example a damming video circulating, filmed three days before the 2023 earthquake. Reportedly, a criminal is predicting the size and effect of the current earthquake ahead of time.

Meanwhile, many seismologists and other experts dealing with electromagnetic fields explain a variety of scenarios. Since they come among friend and foe, their conclusions simply create chaos at best. In this divided America, many of us know very well what exactly such a chaotic environment serves well.

In Turkiye, similar division lines also exist. As a result, an earthquake creating chaos is a very fruitful environment for the evil from Wash-DC in-play. However, there is a caveat this time because no one likes to watch the same movie twice! That is why Turkiye did not accept much “earthquake relief help” from some “friendly countries”.

The Difference Between 1999 & 2023

When The Evil From Wash-DC In-Play

Turkiye, by now, knows very well what took place before, during, and after the 1999 earthquake. In other words, no one needs to explain to Turkiye how the evil from Wash-DC in-play may have operated there and then. 2009 Ergenekon intrigue and plot made everyone within the country and beyond understand what the “evil minds” planned and put in-play then.

Does that mean, the evil from Wash-DC in-play is doomed to fail this time before it begins?

Not necessarily.

Evil from Wash-DC is a never ending play in motion when it comes to Turkiye. As the potential spiritual leader of the Muslim Ummah and the Turkish race, Turkiye always presents a threat to the evil mind in the West. Consequently, it is no surprise for Turkiye to treat both the 1999 or the 2023 earthquakes the same. It has no choice but to believe that the evil from Wash-DC could have been in-play in both cases.