“It is a Divine Intervention”

Erdogan & Trump Working Together is the basis of the book written by Erbil Gunasti. It is called: “GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan”, simultaneously published in the US and Australia. Here is a Q&A from an interview conducted by Ron Boat, US Radio Host/Writer/Interviewer.

Erdogan & Trump Working Together

“What Draws Them Closer”

Ron Boat – While interviewing interesting people, I find they are personally driven, highly motivated, almost obsessed with the desire to know themselves and solidify their purpose in life; the realization of which brings them happiness and a sense of belonging and contributing. They don’t seek to be idolized or placed on highly respected pedestals of adulation, but the opportunity to respect themselves throughout their lives; compassionate, caring, involved, producing.

One of the most knowledgeable and interesting men I’ve ever had the privilege to interview is Erbil Gunasti. He is most definitely immersed in life; An author, TV Producer, political authority, confidant of presidents and celebrities, and an insider to the President Trump administration. I know you’ll find his insight to be a valued look at the world.

We understand that Presidents and government officials naturally develop an appreciation and respect for each other based on their positions. What is there between Trump and Erdogan that seems to draw them to a closer understanding and relationship for their countries and mutual agendas?

“It is a Divine Intervention”

Erdogan & Trump Working Together

Bill Gunasti ~ They are two nationalistic and pious people. But they are also loyal and brave. They also have above-average IQs. Then, they are hard workers. Plus, they appreciate family and patriotic values. After that, they are tough negotiators, competitors, and they respect strength. Finally, they are realistic, and they appreciate and sense a smart person when they see one. These are more than enough similarities for them to work together.

GameChanger Explains It Well

“It is a Divine Intervention.”

As I wrote in the GameChanger, these two leaders come from such opposite ends of the spectrum in life. With their personal and professional experiences, cultures, values, languages, religion, spirituality, way of life, the family structure that there is no way they can be a good match to one another. Imagine one likes American football. The other likes soccer. Neither cares much about what the other likes or knows.

Yet today, these two men are so close to one another like no one can believe. Why? I say it in my book: “It is divine intervention.” Each one commands the attention of a billion people in the world today. Trump is the president of the sole superpower in the world. Erdogan is the unofficial leader of the Muslim ummah (community). Together they are to build the new world order.

I argue in my book, further, that America cannot build a balance of power against China without Turkey siding with America. It is because Turkey makes up the third leg of two other smaller balances of powers in two important parts of the world. One in Europe, over there, it is between Russia, the European Union, and Turkey. The other is in the Middle East. It is between Persians, Arabs, and Turks. If either one of the two “balances of powers” is not in place, that means, America will have a soft belly that will surely be exploited by rising China. As a result, China will dominate the world without needing to establish any global balance of power against America.

Simply put, Trump understands this equation. Erdogan too. That is why they know they have to walk the walk together for the sake of the planet.

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