Topunuz Gelin, ‘US Senators’!”

Erdogan Says: Bring It On!

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of the modern Republic of Turkey says: Bring it on! He first said it, of course as usual in Turkish, on 16 July 2016, the day after the failed coup d’etat against his life and regime. He said: “Topunuz Gelin!”

If he was not polite, he would have said: “Hepiniz Gelin Lan!” Either version is enough to galvanize the entirety of Turkish people on the planet, but also Muslim masses across the globe. In other words, he used such an idiomatic jargon that everyone accepted it as if it is coming from the Sublime Porte.

To Turks and Muslim ummah, it is not who said it or what he said. It is that Erdogan made this remark, as the President of the Republic of Turkey, and in 2016. They are both significant because together, they make enough of a reason for war in the minds of large masses yearning for leadership.

Unlike in its translation to English though, what Erdogan said is not a reference to a single country or an individual. It is a statement to a lot of countries and individuals as if Hercules or Superman making it when either one is confronting a multitude of challenges at the same time.

When Erdogan Says:

Bring it on, and he really means it!  

What leader will put up such a raging international challenge and live to see the consequences!

A Turkic leader would because it is in the DNA of the Turk, plus this particular leader is coming from Kasimpasa, Istanbul.

Frank Sinatra explains it best: “If I can make it there, I will make it anywhere.”


President Erdogan did put up the big challenge four years ago and then, many more times ever since. He also repeated the same challenge one more time, recently in late 2020, after the passage of CAATSA 231 by the US Congress against Turkey.

The leaders of the 16 Turkic states that ruled prior to the modern Republic of Turkey also came up with similar challenges against adversaries repeatedly. They too enjoyed great runs in history.

At this stage, it is prudent to note that no leader of a country without the wall power and capacity would come up with such a challenge. Also, no one that is not willing to play a Zero-Sum Game, should ever attempt it.

What is in the challenge?

New Turkey and President Erdogan are the power of two. They are GameChanger in the 21st century. Together, they represent a formidable challenge to all the major powers in the world and great hope for the rest.

Military platforms and superior technology are for one thing. New Turkey is proud to have both of them and they are superior in any respect against competitors. Finally, there are more of the same to come out in the next two years and no one knows what they are. But from what the world has witnessed so far, Erdogan has a point for his bravado.

Then there is the rapidly growing economy of New Turkey. Some would say it is nothing to brag about: In fact, it is in trouble. Some others would disagree and point to a number of areas. Energy explorations are going forward at full speed and major discoveries are soon to be announced.

The incredible growth of the defense industry is nothing to joke about. 7 of the top 100 biggest defense companies in the world are from Turkey. A dozen are expected to make the list in a few years. The infrastructure of the country is also rapidly enhancing, second only to China. The world’s biggest airport, suspension bridge, highway and railway tunnel are all in Turkey.

Finally, there is the Hollywood factor. Movie and TV series industries are playing significant roles over the hearts and minds of Turkic people inside the country and beyond. Like Hollywood made America grow bigger and popular in the 1950s, Turkey is growing tremendously with this industry in more ways than one and reaching out and touching to masses across the globe.

At this stage, there is no need to emphasize the geo-strategic importance of New Turkey. It is the biggest card New Turkey or Erdogan can bring to the table anytime and win. Of course, they are not the only ones. Race and religion are also very big factors. Erdogan can play either one, like no other leader in the world can.

Better to read GameChanger

I wrote “GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan,” published in 2020. There, I concluded that no one can challenge New Turkey anymore and survive in the Eastern Mediterranean or in northern Iraq and Syria.

I stated that no one from Europe should ever think of challenging New Turkey to a Zero-Sum Game. In select areas, New Turkey will play the game and win. In some other areas, New Turkey will also play a Chicken Game and still win.

Who is in the cross-hair when Erdogan says:

Bring it on!

President Erdogan did not put this challenge up against President Trump. He did not do it against President Putin of Russia or President Xi of China either. He does not have a grudge against any one of them or any other leader for that matter.

If no country is in his cross-hair then who is he challenging? Plus did not, what New Turkey displayed in Syria, Azerbaijan or Libya, constitute a challenge?

Yes, Erdogan challenged Russians, Iranians, Syrians, Kurdish & Daesh terrorists, Armenians, French, African mercenaries, Israelis. He also challenged most of the developed members of the European Union and Arabs from S. Arabia, UAE and Egypt to name a few in the past few years.

But none of it has to do with what he said on 16 July 2016 and recently after the passage of CAATSA 231. There, Erdogan challenged the US Senate, in particular. He meant: Bring It On, US Senators!

CAATSA 231 was recently approved in the US Congress by a two-thirds majority. President Trump did not have veto power to prevent it from becoming law. That is the crux of the problem. It is a problem but more so for the US and not much for New Turkey. That is why Erdogan sounded loud and clear: “Bring it on ‘Senators’!”

No President in the Oval Office will declare war against New Turkey in 2020. It is a fact. Germany immediately issued a statement and rejected the passage of the CAATSA 231. Russia too, stated that it is behind New Turkey all the way. So did Iran or Pakistan. China too made a statement, warning about, mistreating New Turkey is dangerous.

Simply put, a US Senator does not have the luxury to make a mistake anymore. Globalism in America, in 24 years since 1992, eroded all the power and credibility of the US Senate in the eyes of the rest of the world. New Turkey is not the country to put it to a test. To do it against Erdogan like a leader is even worse.

The US Senate must understand when Erdogan Says:

Bring it on, it is not for PR reasons 

Erdogan did not make the brave statement for PR reasons. He put forward a genuine challenge. At this stage, if the US Senate does not wake up and shape up, the US Congress will cause the further demise of the US. Economic problems will exacerbate and then there will be no option left for the US to employ, but military means.

And there, there is a big problem.

  • The US today cannot afford to play a Zero-Sum Game against New Turkey anywhere.
  • New Turkey will not play a Zero-Sum Game against the US either, with few exceptions.
  • In the meantime, it is lose-lose for the two long-time staunch allies to play a Zero-Sum Game because only China will win in that game.”