Divine Intervention

Brought Them Together

Erdoğan & Trump: GameChanger Duo


President Erdoğan and President Trump, each appeal to about a billion people on Planet Earth. That makes up almost one-third of the world population in the 2000s. For Erdoğan & Trump: GameChanger Duo to have meeting of minds by the end of 2018, meant two things. One, they could have achieved a lot together in the international arena. Two, they could have collaborated in competitive harmony.

Erdoğan & Trump: GameChanger Duo

Their deeds appealed to massive of numbers people across the world. However, each had differing and competing loyalties in the international arena. Yet, they also had one common adversary: Globalists.

Common Adversaries

President Erdoğan faced a coup d’état attempt that failed on 15 July 2016. In the ensuing months, it became clear that the “usual suspects” were behind the plot. They were the relics of the Cold War in their last breath of air.

It took Türkiye years to clean the mess these Globalists left behind. Türkiye put their local agents and collaborators behind bars after years long investigations, apprehensions, and trials. Meanwhile, their Western masters were back home. In America, they were hard at work against another formidable adversary: Trump. He was another nationalist like Erdoğan was.

It is no surprise that President Trump called it  a ‘takedown attempt’ against a US president that he faced after he arrived in the Oval Office. By November 4th, 2020, it was also clear that the same “usual suspects” were at work all along since 2016. They were none other than the same “relics” that were at work against Erdoğan before they came home to roost.

In other words, the same Globalists were behind the Russia Collusion investigation and the Uranian Whistleblower quagmire. Their rancor against Trump remained the same all throughout and ceased as soon as Joe Biden moved into White House.

Erdoğan & Trump: GameChanger

In my book “GAMECHANGER Trump Card: Turkey & Erdoğan”, I summarized it as follows: “By 2007, both sides of the Atlantic wanted to see the Erdoğan regime disappear from the face of the Earth. By 2013, they hoped that general elections in Türkiye would bring a new regime to power. When Erdoğan won again, they tacitly supported a Western inspired coup d’état on 15 July 2016.”

Mind you, all throughout the 2000s until 1016, America was under the spell of Globalists. In Europe, it was no different, led by the Globalist regime of Andrea Merkel since 2005, both sides of the Atlantic were in harmony. In other words, they were conducting their Cold War nostalgia tactics against Türkiye like Western Alliance members at will and with no repercussions.

That is why when I put them into perspective, by saying: “Chickens came home to roost” after the 15 July failed attempt in Türkiye to do the same against Trump. They were already bitter because of their repeated failures against Türkiye, now they had one of their own in Trump to deal with. It was intolerable for them.

Hence, that is also the reason why I concluded this must have been a “divine intervention” that brought Erdoğan & Trump: GameChanger Duo to power at the same time. They gave the world a taste to enjoy against Globalist misery they were enduring since 1992.