Erbil Writes in the Daily Mail journey began with Ukraine in August 2022. Focus quickly switched to the homeless crisis and the socio-economic mess in California. Economic decay & Globalist Democrats in America also got their fair share. Turkiye, Erdogan, and Russia were the other three overseas coverage. Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Bobby Kennedy topped the first 12 months.

So what is the big deal?


They are the four countries that basically made the most international news. What has been transpiring in Ukraine has so far been consequential. Their neighbors continue to wait and see what else will come their way.

Russia and Turkiye, on the other hand, continue to remain the two most impactful countries beyond their borders. Presidents Putin and Erdogan, respectively, played significant roles no one can ignore.

My 13th article on Israel was the latest or the first of the second year. Surely, much like Ukraine, what has been taking place in Israel past 30 months is significant. It will surely have its ripple effect in the region and beyond.

Erbil Writes in the Daily Mail

Reflects World’s Focus

Writing in the Daily Mail was an experiment turned into regular monthly articles. The result speaks for itself after 13 consecutive ones.

Russia, Turkiye, Ukraine being the focus highlights the shortcomings of the current US Administration in a year span.

Yes, there was also China in the agenda of the Daily Mail. However, I elected to go with Israel instead in this last article.

The US Foreign Policy Objectives have been non-existent since 2020 election. Five countries were mostly in the news while no one cared what the US did or say.

Erbil Writes

All The News That’s Not Fit To Print In America

Before Erbil Writes in the Daily Mail, there was Erbil Writes All The News That’s Not Fit To Write In America.

I posted about 100 or so position papers on Turkiye and the US Foreign Policy Objectives over two years.

That is a massive amount of work considering each posting was no less than 2000 words. Plus, they were informative, at first.

That itself adds up to three books in terms of workload. However, it all started with “GameChanger”, published in 2020.

Erbil Writes in the Daily Mail

So, What Is The Big Deal?

It is not a big deal that Erbil Writes.

Just that, Erbil Writes at Substack now every day twice.

Plus, as highlighted what was printed last year in the Daily Mail.

Something has to give right?

Surely, it will.

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