Emmanuel Macron: No Charles De Gaulle

The havoc in France after a French police officer killed a seventeen year old Algerian youth is reminiscent. It was 60 years ago. Charles De Gaulle was president of the Republic. The revolt in Algiers, the Capital of then occupied Algeria, had become a threat to overthrow the government in Paris as well. Unfortunately now, there is only Emmanuel Macron: No Charles De Gaulle to help around like then.

No one should think this is not a rational comparison. One, Algerians did not forget what transpired until 1962. Two, in 2023, Muslim Ummah has an inspirational leadership in Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkiye. Three, 14 African “colonies” are rallying the Algerian cause 60 years later just in time. Four, there is no Kennedy in the White House, at least not yet, to come save France’s behind one more time.

Emmanuel Macron: No Charles De Gaulle

Charles De Gaulle, until he was declared traitor by his own conservative compatriots in France, was a hero. Unfortunately, no one ever thought anything close to it for Emmanuel Macron. He is very much a “stooge” for Globalism at a time when there is nowhere to run for Globalists.

The big honcho Globalist Joe Biden is by no means a JFK, by vision, wisdom or health. He instead looked like a bully when he took the Australian submarine deal from France and gave it to an American company. In other words, if the revolts in France were to take aim at the Elysee Palace at this time, America may not be there.

In the past, France could have also relied on Russia, and even Germany. The war in Ukraine isolated everyone. Georgia Meloni: Woman with balls also would not be around the help this time around. All the spats since Brexit also make the UK odd man out for France. Simply put, Emmanuel Macron is not only no De Gaulle, but he is also isolated to no end.

No Wisdom of Charles De Gaulle!

Even then, if Emmanuel Macron were to embark on the wisdom of Charles De Gaulle, he could have had one thing going for him. Alas, he would not be able or free to do so because he is a Globalist. What made Charles De Gaulle stand out was that he was a patriot first. He understood the dilemma that he was in. Algerians were fighting for their “patrie” (country) as well.


On 4 June 1958, wearing army uniform, Charles de Gaulle delivered a speech to a crowd in Algiers. He famously proclaimed ‘Je vous ai compris’, meaning “I understood you”. According to skeptics, with this ambivalent declaration, he sought to reassure everyone in the crowd. In fact, he was also trying to tell to the French patriots like Trump would say: “France First.”  He gave Algeria to Algerian patriots.

After that, he returned to Paris to fight against the Organisation Armée Secrète (OAS, “Secret Armed Organization”) to save his own country. During the process, he sought national independence, made France the world’s fourth nuclear power. He restored cordial Franco-German relations, as a counterweight between the Anglo-American and Soviet spheres of influence.

No Clue About King Francois I, Either!

During the reign of King Francois I, there were also Russia and the Ottoman Empire for France to rely on against the ever-expanding Habsburg monarchy. The King joined forces with them. At this time, President Macron probably has no clue about this historical note. If he had, he would not have burned bridges to date with  Vladimir Putin or Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

On the other hand, could he have known that America would elect a “dead man walking” and create a perfect “Bermuda Triangle” for him? On that note, isn’t it easy to understand why wouldn’t 14 “colonies” in Africa turn their shoulders against France these days. Also, why wouldn’t there be “Battle of Algiers” like riots inside France?

Emmanuel Macron: No Charles De Gaulle

When France Needs One!

At a time when France needs King Francois I or Charles De Gaulle, ending up with Emmanuel Macron is a Kismet. In that regard, if either had been around instead of Macron, would France be in such dismal shape in the first place?  It would surely be more peaceful, independent, conservative, prosperous, and not isolated. No?