GameChanger Erdogan

Da’wa & Dava

Erbil Writes Da'wa & Dava for GameChanger Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the president of the modern Republic of Turkey since 2018. He entered national elections in 2002, and never lost it again. During his reign, Globalist regimes were in power on both sides of the Atlantic, until Donald Trump revolution in America. Yet, GameChanger Erdogan still excelled. The last attempt to topple him came on 15 July 2016 and from the Western powers. Globalists failed, perhaps one last time, and  then, they came home to roost, instead. While they went after Donald J. Trump, GameChanger Erdogan continued with his Da’wa & Dava uninterrupted.

GameChanger Erdogan: Da’wa

Erdogan fought for his Da’wa at all fronts since 2002. The road to 15 July 2016 coup d’etat attempt in Turkey was the first part of it. In other words, that is when the last vestiges of the Globalists gave their best chance to derail him and failed. Since then, Erdogan is still on the same unwavering path no matter what the world throws at him because his Da’wa is noble. He is there to provide security and justice to the unfortunate. Unless his counterparts understand his mission in life, their efforts will always be in vain, and a rock and a hard place.

Da’wa Against Muslims

Erdogan will continue delivering with zeal that will always be equated with religious connotation because of bias against Muslims of the world. Behind his unshakable determination, there is the damnation of the oppressed and downtrodden. To put it into a perspective, Erdogan came to power with the popular vote of those living in the margins of the modern society in Turkey. Since then, he reached out to everyone that is in the margins beyond the borders of modern Republic of Turkey as well. First, in line, there were 54 Muslim majority countries. Then came the rest, including the ones in South America and Africa.

Deva to Dava

Erdogan enveloped their cause to his Da’wa. More and more are now coming on board ever since and they have already become bigger than what Globalists can handle. To put it into perspective, Erdogan simply galvanized masses of humanity by investing his country in hard work and education. He built the defense industry to new heights, focused on energy sources and invested in the infrastructure. Multi-media messaging reached out to everyone around the globe. The result speaks for itself. The modern Republic of Turkey has grown during his reign three times more than during the 25 previous prime ministers of the country. All the while, he became a global brand like the Turkish Airlines.

GameChanger Erdogan: Dava

In 2002, Erdogan had two simple missions in mind: Going after Free Press and the Turkish Armed Forces. Coming from the margins of the society, a place like Kasımpaşa, having a case against two formidable institutions shows, where he was coming from.

The civilization of Free Press

Having the wherewithal trying to correct the fault lines of the “Free Press” at the very beginning of his long journey is telling. After all, Free Press is the by-product of America. The bedrock of Democracy, that everyone believes in, is in its best form there. Yet, what transpired in America, miraculously, since 2016 is remarkable. How “Free Press” lost its credibility when in the divided society one half no longer believed what the other side printed or put on broadcast. Was not Erdogan right 12 years before most Americans realized how “Free Press” would become a destructive tool in the hands of evil?

Pacification of the Armed Forces

As for the Turkish Armed Forces, everyone assume, Erdogan entered national elections in 2002 just to muzzle them. It was not so. Ironically, Erdogan has never been against either the Free Press or the Turkish Armed Forces. Even though, the latter jailed him for four months, out of a relatively minor offense, by throwing the book at him in 1999. Come fast forward, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in 2020 are the domineering regional power because Erdogan put country’s resources behind them. TAF is expected to become the top five militaries on the planet within a decade.

A Man of Da’wa or Dava: A True Believer 

I wrote GAMECHANGER Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan in 2019, believing that there is a divine intervention.

In 2016, America elected, much to the dismay of large masses within America and beyond, Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America. Suddenly, there was Trump, who was talking much the same things Erdogan was all alone. They were both vouching for the oppressed and downtrodden, praising free and fair trade. Homeland first, against not so free press anymore, pro-military to no end, and believing in God were clearly their common ground.

Hence, it was easy for me to conclude the rest as a student of political science and history. I put the pieces together and I penned what Turkey and Erdogan stood for and detailed their foreign policy objectives. After that, I explained, “Arabs” and the “Western Europeans” and what changed in the 21st century. I put all that into perspective to explain what was at stake for the Western civilization.

Meeting of Minds 

GameChanger Erdogan, as a True Believer, was doing the work for the Da’wa. When the leader of the only superpower in the world understood the real intentions of the “true believer Erdogan” it was easy to work together. So they did. The began the work ahead at the end of 2018. From then on, they were on the same page and started to walk the walk as two True Believers.

Where and How does True Believer –

GameChanger Erdogan go from here?

Same old same old.

Via Zero Sum Game

True Believer – GameChanger Erdogan continues with his Da’wa. Russia is on board with Turkey. Now it is time, for the three major powers of Europe, to find their groove as well with Turkey. Short of that, it is a calamity because GameChanger Erdogan will play Zero Sum game everywhere that is vitally important for the security of Turkey proper. However, there is more to it. Erdogan will also play Zero Sum game, albeit selectively, elsewhere in the region. He will pick and chose.

For the love of the Muslim Ummah

The region ranges from the Horn of Africa to North Africa but also includes West Africa and Sub-Sahara in due process. Central Asian Turkic Republics are another area of focus. Going after the entirety of the Middle East is also in the picture. The domain will basically encompass an expanse from the Indian Ocean to the Medietrranean Sea. Everything in between and around where  the Muslim “ummah” lives.

To regulate the flow of Migration

Like I explained in the GAMECHANGER Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan, the mission will be to regulate the flow of migration to Western Europe. That is the Da’wa. It is not only GameChanger Erdogan’s Da’wa but also it is this planet’s Da’wa. Both True Believers already understand well what this Da’wa is about. It is to regulate the flow of migration where Muslim ummah lives to the heart of Christianity in Europe.

Hope for the West

The hope is, for the rest of the Globalists also to realize, what is at stake. If not, they will learn it the hard way and everyone will feel the pain. The irony must not escape: Erdogan’s Da’wa is Christian White Europe’s Da’wa.