Chet Martin conducted an interview with Daphne Barak and Erbil Gunasti, talking about how they brought on board 24 Hollywood stars and others of similar stature for the filming of the Trump vs Hollywood documentary / October 2020.

Freedom on Deck was established in 2015 as a fledgling conservative podcast that was signed to Fox News 94.9 WJJF out of Connecticut within that very year.

The team is constructed of three very large personalities for sure: “Mean” Chet Martin has the fire that sets the tempo, while “The Long Island Redneck” Brian Breault is the 2A enforcer with attitude, and “The Fearless One” CV Berton is on point with a love for America and our president.

These guys aren’t afraid to tell you that they will go to war for President Trump, our Constitution and our freedoms! Welcome to Freedom on Deck!