American Democracy Here & There
Yesterday was a historic day in the United States. To the horror of some, but also hysteria of others, it registered to the annals of history. American Democracy clearly witnessed political persecution. The Bruised American Democracy Climaxed inside a New York courtroom.

It exposed how the double ploy US foreign policy instrument consisting of democracy-persecution came into play. Unfortunately, this time the application took place in New York and against a US citizen. It was no less against a US president. First time in history, a US court indicted a US president.

As a result, to some, yesterday will live in infamy. It will also mark a fatal blow to American Exceptionalism. Others already interpreted it as a test of Democracy, exacerbating the mockery in the eyes of their opponents. In other words, the rigid divide in America further solidified its place in the society.

The US has been habitually applying the democracy-persecution combo overseas. It has been doing it with great disregard to humanity and against the preachings of the “good book”. Surely, the US will pay dearly for having ignored “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” in due process.

Bruised American Democracy Climaxed

In Turkey in the Twentieth Century

American Democracy preferred to back liberal conservatives in Türkiye until recently. The likes of Democrat Party (DP) and afterwards aptly called what became Justice Party (AP), mostly, ran the country for about thirty years. Their stalwart opposition CHP had no chance to come to power. The mighty superpower USA was supporting its opponents.

In the interim, when a Turkish prime minister became too patriotic and conservative, suddenly there were false accusations about him. After that, an intrigue ensued and he was hanged in 1960. The environment was similar to what the NY court displayed yesterday. The cooked up charges galvanized the public. Hysteria took over.

Democracy and Freedom Island 

In 2013, authorities renamed the island where hanging took place as “Democracy and Freedom”. Their goal was to rid of negative vibes. However, the symbolism reflecting the misdeeds of American Democracy remained there intact.

Now, a modern conference center on the island hosts tons of visitors. In other words, the island teaches the dark side of US history there. Ironically, it has kind of become a reeducation center, mainly for Westerners who have been brainwashed past century..

Journey of the American Democracy

In Turkiye, the trickery of American Democracy began in the early 1950s against Adnan Menderes. His attempt to make Turkiye modern and independent society became his death warrant. The US could not have permitted any one straying away from the flock.

Cherishing “Democracy” became the pretext for the American hegemony to exert its will. In practice, beside the facade, there was however nothing of that sort. Many countries were basically under subjugation. The US was manhandling each one like a “vassal state.”

In short, in the twentieth century, everyone in the West, was subject to the superpower. There was economic, military, and cultural indoctrination of sort. It worked. It seemed as if it was the natural progression of Democracy.

The US, controlling almost half of the global economy, in the twentieth century was able to present itself as it see it fit. In the twenty-first century, countries like Turkiye now find multitude of alternatives to get away from the Western yoke.

Simply because, the US makes up less than 15 percent of the global economy since Barack Obama left in 2016. As JFK said it: “When economy fails, nothing will be right”. It is a clear fact each passing day ever since Globalists came to power in 1992.

In the 21st Century

In 2023, unsuspecting citizens of the United States, face a precarious future. For example, there is a banking, real estate, and stock market crisis soon to turn into a “Perfect  Storm”. The rising powers of the East are behind it.

Maybe the time for poetic justice for the likes of Adnan Menderes finally arrived. Globalist Democrats in Wash DC siding with CHP in the upcoming presidential and general elections in Turkiye is telling. It clearly shows some already lost their sense of direction in Wash DC.

Fate would have it, the current US administration may be playing for the wrong horse. All the while, the curse of CHP also looks like a twist of fate, turning the party to the stooge of the US Globalists that rejected them in the past century. If this is not poetic than what is it?

Bruised American Democracy Climaxed

American Democracy beyond North America had a sense of superiority. Unfortunately, in the twentieth century, it caused a lot of hardship abroad. In the twenty-first century, triviality of American Democracy became apparent when domestic division began to take its toll.

The loss of morality with Bill Clinton, mishandling military objectives with George Bush, and clueless Barack Obama on economy exposed the vulnerabilities. Adding to that all the mockery during the Trump Administration reinforced what is really wrong with the superpower.

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden saying that  American Democracy is “bruised but not broken” is not the whole truth. In the NY courtroom, yesterday, everyone in the world witnessed the deception of American Democracy once again.

As a result, unfortunately, there will be further demise of American Supremacy in the coming years. The DeDollarization gaining momentum and the free fall on Treasury bonds are indicative. They are to open a gaping hole.

Perhaps if American Democracy was not “bruised,” it could have helped stop the gush!  When in fact, the world already knows how kaput American Democracy has already become with these Globalists at work ever since the early 1990s.

My Father’s Wisdom

My father has always been a nationalist, much like his father who was a wounded veteran of the Çanakkale War during WWI. He was also an ardent supporter of Ataturk who founded CHP. My extended family members, numbering in the thousands, overwhelmingly still vote for CHP.

My father was one of those CHP members in the 1950s that falsely believed the “fake” news about Adnan Menderes. He regretted his youthful mistakes in his latter years. I had to explain to him that it was no fault of his. American Democracy, coupled with the “persecution” agenda, that did it to him and to Menderes.

Perhaps that is why he enjoyed daily news from TRT in his California home about Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his regime’s achievements. He also recognized our valiant effort when me and Daphne Barak jumped into fray and became Donald Trump delegates in 2015. We did it long before anyone had the courage to take him seriously when he first announced.

My father said, referring to both Erdogan and Trump, “give the due respect to leaders who work hard and deliver!” Surely he was also talking about Adnan Menderes or for that matter Turgut Ozal, another former Turkish leader. Both of them, ironically, passed to eternity while they were “good soldiers” of American Democracy!

Democracy-Persecution At Work
In the US and Turkiye

The only problem they had was that no one told them it was the Democracy-Persecution duo that was in play at all times. Moreover, it was a ploy designed to be used exactly for their kind, and in particular! Much like it is happening now in New York court room these days. However, there is one other important point to note here: New York is situated within the United States of America proper!

In one of my conversations with my father, I said: “They came home to roost after 2016 presidential election.” My father understood it well with a smile. For those who still do not get it that is why Donald Trump had all his problems ever since. For your information, those that came to roost at home against Trump had already attempted and a failed a bloody coup d’état on 15 July 2016 in Turkiye.

Walking the Walk

I touched many lives over the years. Three of them come to mind on this occasion. One of them is my cousin Yesim Daggecen. She is an accomplished lawyer with a mind, heart, and spirit of her own. Recently, she decided to join the CHP ranks in this election.

So I will support her. Many members of our very large family in the district she plans to represent will also do the same. After all, she will be the first in my family to run for a political office. I am the only other one that did it before her but I ran for Mayor in Palm Springs, California.

Surely, she will join me and Daphne (Barak) one day soon in the US and Israel. She will also cherish my father’s wisdom. This way she will eventually figure out how to transform “the old country” there from the yoke of the American Democracy. So that, “persecutions” will end.

As for the other two. They are peculiar people. I met them in New York. They became colleagues, friends, but also confidants to a certain degree. I was working at the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nations. After a year or so, we all went our separate ways.

In the end, they both became famous and powerful members of Turkish media. They made big names for themselves. Nowadays, their “reputation” precedes them. On this occasion, when Yesim made her courageous move, they better take a hint from this post, as well!

Paying The Price in the United States

Bruised American Democracy Climaxed

Meanwhile we, in the United States of America, are preparing ourselves for the price we are going to pay to the indiscretions of some US leaders. Unfortunately, there are lots of them. Plus, there is also lots of ineptitude to go around. So much so our price to pay is sure to go up for a while longer. If we are lucky, we may be able to stop this bleeding in the 2024 presidential election.

Turkiye, for example, with the current Erdogan regime in power is sure to exact payback. How it will come no one knows but none of the prospects are promising for the US. As if that is not enough, brilliant 46th president made a comment first day he arrived to the Oval Office: “I will bring down Erdogan during the 2023 elections in Turkiye”.

That is our president in the USA, making a statement of meddling into the presidential election of a sovereign country. This president also plans to run for reelection. Maybe I should have titled this post better. Maybe I should have said: “Now Bruised American Democracy Going Kaput Soon.” Or gone Kaput Already!