Biden's 2.5 War Mess

America dominated the world with the 2.5 war strategy for about 40 years. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1992, the strategy became a relic. Unfortunately, Globalists in Wash DC, ever since, are in denial. As a result, now the world is face to face with Joe Biden’s 2.5 war mess.


There has been an elderly abuse of Joe Biden since 2020. We have been watching this past three years and cringing about his helplessness. It is a tragedy but also inhuman.

However, American system has no provision to end his torture until election day in November 2024. Otherwise, US-laws would determine it is an elderly abuse crime.

Biden’s 2.5 War Mess

Biden made and continues to make big gaffes. However, some of his decisions in his last year in office may also cost American lives. The Israeli debacle may even end up like peanuts next to it. Adversaries Russia or China would surely cherish it.

The 46th President of America, Joe Biden cannot be expected to make the right decisions for America. As an abused elderly that is not possible.

Moreover, what is worse, he does not even realize that he is being abused. That means his faculties are not properly functioning.

As a result, it is natural that Biden would seek today, something odd like, 2.5 war strategy of the past. His state of cognizance is altogether kaput.

Not the Biggest Economy Anymore

America in 2023 is not the biggest economy in the world anymore. By all accounts, the EU and China have equal or bigger economies.

China is growing by leaps and bounds. It is projected to grow double in size compared to the economy in America within a decade.

When the 2.5 war strategy was configured and applied, America controlled about 40 percent of the global GDP. Now, it controls 15 percent or less.

Based on this arithmetic alone, America today cannot even have think fighting an efficient war, never mind 2.5 of them.

Still the Sole Military Superpower

The sole military superpower status of America today comes by default. Since the Soviet Union lost the superpower status.

Ironically, America ever since had responsibility to fulfill expectations across Planet Earth. Since 1992, America did not have the will or capacity to fill this vacuum.

Alternatively, still-the-sole-military-superpower had to align itself with the rising powers of the East. America also ignored this changing international dynamic.

For example, in Libya, President Donald Trump wisely kept America out of the mess. Biden, instead, aggravated numerous rising powers of the East.


France, for example, was tested in the Mediterranean Sea. It made the mistake of sending its most advanced frigate to venture east of Crete. After that, the French navy also conducted naval exercises in the Aegean.

Both were fatalistic for France. Turkiye noted the shortcomings of the French navy. As a result, it became Carte Blanche for Turkiye to make intrusive moves in Africa at the expense of France. In short, France never realized the game.


Unfortunately for Biden’s America, no lesson was drawn from the French debacle. Today, sending flattops to the eastern Mediterranean Sea carry similar risks for America. The Sixth Fleet is sure to be tested.

One of two things may happen, as a result. The worst, antagonists, be it China or Russia, may note how to counter the US navy elsewhere. Turkiye with superior electronic warfare would surely make it a no-win for America.

Biden’s 2.5 War Mess

Ukraine and Israel: Sacrificial Lambs

Unfortunately for America, Joe Biden is the current president. Worse news, what has been diplomatic and economic loss to date may now turn into military catastrophe.

In two years, Ukraine became an entangled diplomatic and economic problem for America. Nowadays, add to that the Israeli debacle, with no relief in sight.

Desperate Biden Administration may now feel cornered. Making Ukrainians or Israelis sacrificial lambs is one thing. Playing with American lives is another.

US Servicemen and Women, The Third

I noted how US Servicemen and Women have been sacrificed by “US Neocons” time again. I am also aware how heroes made what America is today.

Biden relying on “Neocon” Americans now must be the furthest thought in mind. Yet, a desperate Wash DC may also think, there is no other alternative.

That is how putting “heroes” in harm’s way becomes possible. That is how we deployed to Lebanon or Somalia, for example, with disastrous outcomes.

Nowadays, keeping troops on the ground in northern Syria any longer may be risky. Considering how embroiled the Levant is at this time.

Ukraine, First Sacrificial Lamb

Joe Biden made Ukraine the first sacrificial lamb. Did he do it as per orders from Globalists is not important. The fact that he did is. Ukraine’s curse will surely one day come back to take effect.

Israel, Second Sacrificial Lamb

What about the curse of 1000 perished or abducted or wounded Israelis so far? What about ongoing Palestinian and more to come Israeli casualties? Their victimization would surely turn into a curse to take effect one day soon.

Biden’s 2.5 War Mess

How Big!

Ukraine and Israel do not make 2.5 war. There needs to be one more move by America or an antagonist. Only then it will become Biden’s 2.5 war mess.

Could this tipping over come in the South China Sea or eastern Mediterranean Sea, no one kows yet. What is clear though, Biden is playing with a relic.

A relic that will surely blow to his face while it will also cause damage to others. If only 3 November 2024 can come fast enough with a sane and able leader for America.