Biden Played on a Wrong-Horse

The 46th President of the US Joe Biden gambled on a wrong-horse in the Turkish elections. His ill-advised decision before the 2020 presidential election in America will now hunt him.

Biden Gambled on a Wrong-Horse

The 46th president of the US has long become a big disappointment with his domestic policies and foreign policy objectives. However now that the Turkish elections are over, he faces even worse options everywhere. The tally from here on is sure to underline his dismal legacy.


Kemal Kilicdaroglu

The name of the wrong-horse Biden bet for is Kemal Kilicdargolu. He was the candidate for president in the 28 May 2023 presidential election runoff. He lost 52 to 48.

The margin may look slim. However, this was Kilicdargolu’s tenth straight loss against the same opponent in his decade-long tenure as the main opposition leader in Turkish politics.

Biden Bet Against a Proven Winner

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

President Erdogan, with this election, defeated his opponents fair and square on the ballot boxes eighteen times in a row in 21 years. Now Erdogan will have another five year term but he will also have absolute majority in the Parliament to legislate at will.

Biden Gambled on a Wrong-Horse

But He Also Bet the House

Even worse news for Americans and the West is the fact that Biden bet the House in the gamble. He simply burned all bridges. As a result, Erdogan will now exact heavy payback from America and Europe for having brazenly supported his opponent but also interfered with the domestic affairs of another sovereign.

Collection Time

However, President Erdogan and Turkiye will not be the only ones taking advantage of wounded Biden. China, Russia, Middle East, Africa, and much of Asia will also benefit from Erdogan’s win. Now, they will all be in a position to take something more away from America and the West.


Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will become the mainstay of the world economy. The Erdogan regime will ensure commerce between Beijing and London thrive over the land bridge Turkiye.


The cooperation between Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan will increase. Turkiye and Russia will collaborate in more areas. They already benefited from their union. Now, it will continue unabated.

The Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Muslims

Nearly two billion strong Muslims across the Middle East, Africa and Asia will rejoice with Erdogan’s win who will now act as their spiritual leader. Turkiye will become their economic engine but it will also provide security with its rapidly growing defense industry platforms.

Biden Gambled on a Wrong Horse

Erdogan Won America Lost

Joe Biden challenged President Erdogan recklessly with an ill-advised interview before the 2020 presidential election. He basically said that he will work with the Turkish opposition to bring the Erdogan regime down instead of resorting to a coup d’etat like in the past.

Trump and Erdogan

President Trump, on the other hand, was working with President Erdogan, despite differences. As a result, Turkiye was on board with the Western Alliance and under the leadership of America.


The 28 May 2023 election became a GameChanger. Erdogan won and America lost. These Globalist Americans should have read  GameChanger, published in 2020.

Trump read it when he took the first copy. He also did not gamble against Erdogan. On another thought, who in their right mind would be against Erdogan and Turkiye, the Power of Two?

Only a Globalist, who else!