Armenian Problem: Turkish Solution

Armenia is in a big mess. It has many enduring problems. Diaspora has never been there for those that were left behind. The Western powers themselves, historically, never extended enough help either. Currently, this dilemma is clearly reflected with the US Senators. The results of their lip service are for everyone to witness over the past three decades. So then, what to do with this Armenian problem: Turkish solution, what else? 


The smart Alec West argues against Nuclear Energy. Then, it has this Green Energy lingo. They both serve the Globalist agenda in the West. That in turn means poor slobs like Armenians of the third world must continue to suffer.

Today, 2 million Armenians living in isolated Armenia do not have enough energy. Meanwhile, neighboring Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan are net energy exporters. Georgia and Turkiye are the main routes that tranship their exports to Europe.

How does Armenia get the short end of the stick in such an environment? That is a challenging question. However the answer is simple. Armenia has always been a small, impoverished, and isolated country, expendable in major power conflicts.

Armenian Problem: Turkish Solution

Bigger Than Life

Natural energy resources poor Armenia has one nuclear power plant. It was built by the Soviet Union.

In January 2021, the European Union told Armenia to shut it down. The EU previously required Bulgaria, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic to do the same to theirs.

Now, Turkiye also tells Armenia to shut it down. The plant is only 16 km from rapidly prospering Turkish towns nearby. Irrespective of Turkish demands, the Armenian problem is more than an old and dilapidated nuclear power plant.

Armenian Problem

The Armenian problem is not limited to energy shortage. Archaic nuclear power plants operating unsafely as a time-bomb are not either. However, being a landlocked country is. Not having good relationships with four of its five neighbors is the other.

Plus, there is the problem of Iran. As the smaller of two pariahs in this cluster of six states in the region, Armenia bears the brunt even more. In other words, Armenia is alone, forgotten, used, and abused by a friend and a foe in the region and beyond.

Turkish Solution

Meanwhile, Turkiye is the economic and military engine of the region. Plus, it is a benevolent, yet dominant power. It has the resources and means to complement Russia and Azerbaijan. Georgia also benefits tremendously with close relationships.

In other words, they found the Turkish solution to work for their national interest. In that respect, Armenia remains as the odd country out not to benefit from the Turkish reality. Iran may have an excuse not to make use of the Turkish solution but Armenia does not.

Armenian Problem: Turkish Solution

Armenian Destiny With Turks

I already elaborated on this aspect under the heading of “Armenian Destiny with Turks”. Read it to get it! If not, stay uninformed and continue to argue nonsense fed by the Globalist West.

Through their search engine no less. On that note, my website no longer ranks in Google, for example. That is where you are to read above link on Armenian destiny.

In that regard, it becomes your problem but you also continue to become as a reader, the “Armenian problem” per se.

Armenian Problem

No Western Solution To the Eastern Problem

In the 21st century, this is a rigid reality. The Armenian problem can only be resolved with countries in the region. They have the resources to share with Armenia. Collaboration of all six countries in this isolated region is the only and the best solution for those with the meager alternatives.

The West in the meantime is in big trouble. It is like a wounded animal looking desperately to save its own skin at the expense of anyone else. In this context, for example, the US and France are two countries that have no other choice but to exploit Armenia the most.

Turkish Solution

Destiny for Armenia

Turks saved Armenians from the hands of Byzantines when they first met. Armenians were the odd man out in the eastern front of the Byzantine empire. Who could say in earnest that little Armenia then was treated fairly by the mighty Byzantine Empire!

Nothing is different today much like it was then when the Seljuk Turks arrived at their doorstep. Turks then were more numerous and resourceful like Turks are now. They then treated non-Muslim Armenians and Georgians like they are treating them now.

Armenian Problem: Turkish Solution

No Better Alternative

History is witness to the relationship between Turks and Non-Muslims.

In the past, Georgians to a degree collaborated with Turks then much like now and prospered. Armenia vacillated then, like it is doing nowadays and continues to suffer.

History tells us there is no alternative for the Turkish solution in the region which is the destiny for Armenia. The Turkish solution means economic prosperity for Armenia. It will come as an energy flow but also tourists and commerce.

  • Armenia will have access to the fastest growing biggest market in the region.
  • Azerbaijan will provide the cheapest energy Armenia cannot find anywhere else.
  • Armenia will no longer be a landlocked country, more so, like Switzerland.
  • Balance of power between Russia, Turkiye and Iran will ensure stability.

Globalist West will never admit what will be good for Armenia. It cannot because the Globalist West does not exist unless there are countries like Armenia serving their interest and living in quid pro quo.

Armenia is nothing more than a leverage for the Western Globalism today simply because it has never been anything else in history either. That is why all the Armenians are suffering, first and foremost! It is not because of enmity with religions and cultures.

Turks Saved Armenians

One Too Many Times

It is a simple argument. Turks saved Christian Armenians from their Christian brethren thousand years ago. The facts are easy to see. Turks have to save Armenians again from their Christian brethren. And, that is the “Armenian problem” for everyone to understand, nothing less nothing more. Also, it is worth remembering what took place in Hocali, for the sake of putting history into perspective.