Primarily posted it only because it is a good video and good music. Also, it is a good place to spend time and meet friends. Life consists of private clubs in London unlike in America and no one is complaining about any “privileges” there, white or otherwise, even though only a handful are able to enjoy these clubs. Simply put, it represents The United Kingdom of Great Britain (UKGB) that is in stark contrast nowadays, now that variation of protests or rioting, however one describe them, having also spread thereafter they engulfed America.

Under “ALL THE NEWS THAT IS NOT FIT TO PRINT IN AMERICA” many postings should make a reference to the empire “Sun never set,” albeit with sarcasm, under the circumstances. After all, if it is the fate of the 1776 Republic that is being debated in America it is all the more telling. America and the West, having lost the premises of the “Freedom of Press,” with media serving only the bubbles for a while, in the absence of a universal message, the argument comes to mind, what role the neo-Royalists from the old continent Europe must have something to do with it.

In view of the growing divide in America that is apparent ever since the 2016 presidential elections the fault lines became more apparent to many more people everywhere. London ever the headquarters of the Wall Street in America, so to speak, in its fight against the Main Street, now championed by more and more nationalist-minded Americans that would like nothing to do with the Globalism reigning everywhere around the world.