Sure Bet With Inept Leaders

America falling to Turkish ploy

There was an inadvertent Turkish ploy that began in 2009 against America. It came to an end when America fell into it at the end of 2020. America fatally imposed sanctions against its long-time ally. As a result, in 2021, Turkey demanded 1.4 billion dollars it paid for the F-35 fighters it never received. When America showed reluctance in reimbursement, Turkey offered an alternative to take F-16 Block 70 Lightenings instead. Knowing full well America falling to Turkish ploy now was a sure bet. America was already politically degenerating in a free fall. It had already elected inept leaders and making self-destructive decisions.

Inadvertent Turkish Ploy in 2009

On December 14, 2020, the US administration imposed sanctions on Turkey’s defense procurement agency. The pretext was the Turkish purchase of S-400 defensive missile batteries from Russia in 2017. Consequently, the CAATSA 231 sanctions took Turkey out of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.

The logic for the US senators, Republicans and Democrats alike, was to punish Turkey when America had no such alternative. For that one must read my book, the “GameChanger” I predicted two years earlier what is taking place nowadays! The sanctions did not hurt Turkey much but became a double whammy against America.

The F-35 program went kaput. On one hand, that meant, the stable from then on was going to be limited to already built few hundred fighters. On the other hand, Turkey was now going to fast develop its indigenous fifth generation to supply client states of America.

Turkey Becomes the Only Fourth Country

Building a Fifth Generation Aircraft and Cheaper

A Turkish fighter, code-named “TFX”, is projected to roll out of the hangar in 2023. It is set to enter the force by 2029. Meanwhile, the F-35 program will remain on hold for the foreseeable future.

Turkey used to manufacture about 1000 out of 1600 pieces that went into each aircraft. It is possible that replacing all Turkish suppliers for the F-35 may never be possible.

Some critical parts have been engineered and manufactured exclusively by Turkey since its inception. Moreover, Turkey also produces them fairly cheaply. Hence, TFX is sure to become more competitive than the F-35.

That in turn would practically mean that America will be out of the fifth-generation fighter market. Some F-35 orders have already been canceled. Meanwhile, numerous countries also inquired to become part of the TFX program.

Globalist Mess

There is an argument that the Globalist leaders like Bush-43 and Obama tried to be too smart. They wanted to control allies like Turkey with the sale of F-35 fighters. Technologically superior fifth generation craft was to keep the ropes in the hands of America.

Turkey realized the ill intent and reversed the ploy over time. It ordered two sets of S-400 defensive batteries from Russia when America also refused to sell Patriots by Raytheon. The US Senators fell into the ploy.

They thought that they could penalize Turkey by preventing the delivery of F-35s, as a consequence. Instead, Turkey proceeded with it forward. It made much desired long-range Russian air defense batteries operational.

Simultaneously, Turkey was also becoming free of the American yoke. Basically, this inadvertent ploy was delivering double time for Turkey. All the while, it was also becoming the Sword of Damocles over America.

America Falling To Turkish Ploy

In 2021, Turkey demanded that America reimburse the money owed to the F-35 fighters. Then, as an alternative, it also offered to take instead forty F-16 Block 70 Lightenings.

That in fact was a real Turkish ploy. Turkey knew well that the Democrats in charge were inept. The rank and file among the Senators and the Representatives in the House were not savvy enough.

Moreover, the Biden Administration was sure to be diplomatic towards the Turkish letter. Yet, the US Congress was also a sure bet to reject the Turkish offer, vehemently and emotionally.

For example, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) had long publicly committed himself. He was opposed to selling anything to Turkey in military nature.

Apparently, no one had advised the US Senator. In the stature that he was in, one had to hold cards close to the chest. Never mind he did not know how to play poker or chess! Having no clue, about the Potomac Two Steps in play, was always disastrous.

Democrats in Charge

America Playing the Same Old Game and Failing

Meanwhile, two decades into the new century, Turkey had long learned well about the Potomac Two Steps.

For example, President Trump immediately noticed that his counterpart President Erdogan of Turkey was on top of his game.

All the while, everyone, Democrat and Republican alike, also knew that President Biden was not.

So, it was easy for the Turkish ploy to work with the Democrats in charge. Biden and Menendez tag-team at the helm were making it possible.

Tally: America Falling To Turkish Ploy 

There is no best-case scenario for America in this unraveling Turkish ploy!

America will most likely end up paying Turkey 1.4 billion dollars in the long term with interest. Surely, America will not get the extra 4.5 billion dollars worth of exports, as per additional Turkish order, either. On top of that, Russia will, possibly, end up getting yet another multi-billion dollar military trade from Turkey.

As a result, Turkey, in turn, may also acquire the superior fifth-generation fighters from Russia. It may receive SU-57s or SU-75s with transfer technology. As a further bonus, Turkey may also be able to develop its indigenous fifth-generation TFX much faster and more formidable.

That would clearly put any American military behemoth out of the fifth-generation aircraft business. In other words, General Dynamics together with Lockheed Martin and Raytheon will get the short end of the stick.

Turkish Drones Are Great Examples

In 2010, America did not sell drones to Turkey. It also prevented Israel from servicing the ones that it sold. As a result, Turkey began developing them. A decade later in the 2020s, indigenous Turkish drones already proved to be superior in active warfare.

Hence, Turkey increasingly sells them to a wide range of countries. It steadily takes away markets from America and Israel. Among them, there are also Western alliance partners. Some even began contemplating buying Turkish drones instead of American F-35s.

Next Turkish Moves

In light of the idiotic CAATSA 231 sanctions, Turkey is sure to inflict more damage to America. F-35s and Patriots are the clear victims of ill-advised policies of not selling military platforms to Turkey.

Coupled with the devastating effect of the Turkish drones, soon American behemoths will be hurting even more. Considering Turkey is making great strides elsewhere, for example in missile technology.

From the ship to ship “Atmaca” to the air to air family of “Goktug” missiles, Turkey builds better and cheaper. Soon these missiles will be in mass production. They are sure to take over their American counterparts.

Yet, Turkish advance in technology is not limited to aircraft and missiles. Turkey is also building tanks and submarines. Plus, it is into space technology, alongside the likes of laser, electromagnetic, and rail guns, to name a few.

Here is the Caveat though

And Thank God for that!

America did not offer to sell any tanks or submarines to Turkey, lately. Turkey did not inquire to buy them either. Hence, there is no need to worry about America falling to another Turkish ploy.

Especially, with these Democrat and Republican senators in charge, America can no longer afford to be falling to Turkish ploy again, inadvertently or not.